Sunday, May 22, 2005

Wog at MOB Scene

Hi All!

I try to avoid "insider" posts... yeah, as IF..... but I felt privileged to have been welcomed to Saturday night's gathering of the Minnesota Organization of Bloggers in St Cloud.

It was a very low key and convivial "meet-up" (a little Move-On lingo there) of some very good writers and very interesting people.

The event was missing some of the Big Ticket bloggers but I guess that was a good thing because instead of slobbering over Superstars, this "Never Will be Famous" got to mingle with the "Not Quite Famous Yet but Will Be Soon."

(I have always been something of a jock sniffer and name dropper. My therapist says I'm insecure.)

Of particular note was having met with the only person who writes me with any frequency, Mr. Flash (namesake of the villian of the Kinks' "Preservation" Acts One and Two) a left-of-center blogger and a very nice man. Yes folks, we CAN all get along.

I was also surprised to see a long-time friend who showed up having discovered my whereabouts by reading King's SCSU Scholars blog!

Talked alot of Rock n' Roll with my chauffeur Mitch, which made the travel time fly, even though he drives like an old lady (The speed limit is 70 for chrissakes!). His coolant temperature gauge was flirting with "H" which added a bit of drama to the commute, but by running the heater at full blast on the way home, we managed to keep the needle from pegging.

Having experienced a couple of overheating incidents myself, I was half-expecting the head gasket to blow at any instant. Fords. Fix Or Repair Daily.

Added to my parent's 50th Anniversary bash at the Lex earlier in the day, the St. Cloud Conclave made it a memorable one and I came home, safe, sound, tired and very contented.

Tomorrow I will spend the day at St. Joe's getting my trans portal stent revised. This is a bit of stainless hose that directs blood from my liver to my stomach and reduces the risk of gastrointestinal bleeding. Like any plumbing, it can clog, so my jugular will once again provide a pathway for the incredible micro-miniature drain cleaning snake.

Somewhat icky and they keep you awake because you have to breath for them, but it really doesn't hurt and it's a free anesthetic high, courtesy of Blue Cross.



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