Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Automotive Art

This piece was done by a fellow Merkurist with too much time on his hands. Here is his description:

"I'm selling this in an attempt to make some money or I would keep it hanging in my dining room. I made this over the winter when I found the parts while cleaning my garage. It's made from Ford 8.8 3.55 gears, 2.3 turbo timing gears and some brake lines. It contains 5 50 watt bulbs and weighs in about 30 lbs. The whole light is black with silver candlesticks and a silver chain. This is a one of a kind unit."

I'll say!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

With inspiration like that, I'll never be able to clean out my garage.... How would a Scorpio wheel serve as a clock...??

12:32 PM  

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