Sunday, June 26, 2005

Breaking News and Human Nature

Hi All!

I just returned home from a trip to the Vadnais Heights Wal*Mart. As I tooled down the entrance ramp from County E to 35E south, I was amazed that there was no traffic to merge into.

A glance in my rear view mirror revealed a complete roadblock of cops and emergency vehicles on the road behind me, under the overpass. There must have been a gawdawful tragedy there. I have checked the news, but it is all golf and racing right now.

Speaking of racing and this leads to my observation on human nature, I had 3 lanes of open road and knew that every law enforcement unit in the area was tied up.

I was suddenly fahr farh farhen auf Der Autobahn.

As I approached extra-legal speed through the 694/35E "Weave" I started getting passed as though I was driving a VW Beetle on the Autobahn.

Cars and motorcycles were passing me at easily 100mph. I think I got up to 85, but with my recently having got my license back, that was as far as I dared, lest a stray traffic enforcement detail was not called away to the wreck.

It was a kick, if only for a short while.

Am watching news now and I guess it must not have been a huge deal, since it isn't being reported. I hope that's good news for whoever was involved in whatever happened.




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