Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Good Internet Karma

Hi All!

With the big trip to the All Ford Nationals coming up, I am quite distracted, but thought I'd share some good feelings I have gotten of late.

Had car trouble on the way from dragging my "collectable" back from the lake. Stranded in Forest Lake, I was smart enough to have Laura trailing me so got home ok and immediately sent out an SOS to the Merkur World. Even on holiday Sunday, I got a dozen or so quick replies which got me back on the road in no time.

Then a seal blew out, so once again to "The List" and this time the advice is good, but expensive :-(

I am also on an Ian Hunter list and someone posted about having recorded a long, recent BBC interview with the Great Man. I replied asking if I could somehow get a copy, and this is the reply:

"Hi Paul, I will send you the Hunter interview disc tomorrow.

all the best from Bonnie Scotland.


Ah, the little things that make life worth living...



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