Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Homer's Revenge


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Infected Tooth = Death

Hudson St. Patrick's School teacher dies after long illness

By Meg Heaton

Students and staff at St. Patrick's Catholic School held a prayer service Monday to honor the memory of teacher Claire Ihle, who died on Saturday.

Ihle, 54, died of complications from a strep infection she contracted last fall as a result of an infected tooth. The infection led to surgery and treatment at United Hospital. Ihle spent several months at Bethesda Rehabilitation Center in St. Paul and moved to Christian Community Home in Hudson in late December. Ihle was able to communicate with her family and friends and occasionally returned to her home for visits. Over the first part of this year she improved to the point where she was able to walk with a walker and feed and dress herself.

In April, Ihle returned to Bethesda for more intensive therapy in preparation for her eventual move home. Her husband, David, was planning on taking an early retirement to care for his wife.

However, Ihle suffered a setback and returned to United in early May and had several more surgeries. According to her husband, Ihle's surgeon said the strain on her after months of treatment proved to be too much.

"She simply had no reserve left to fight back this time. She died peacefully. We were all with her," said David.

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