Friday, June 24, 2005


Hi All!

The overactive brain has been in hyper mode of late.

I have tossed out a couple of visual aids as to what things have been interesting to me in the past few days.

I hold back the words, much as a movie "teaser" holds back the truth of the final product, for better or worse (usually worse nowadays).

If I croak tomorrow, I have left instructions with my heirs to go on ahead and let loose the "DRAFTS."

These nascent writings are pretty drafty alright, but I am trying to learn to be more disciplined in what I have heretofore blindly ejaculated into eternal cyberspace.

Sure, the stuff I am withholding is bloody brilliant. I've got an oversized ego and am humble enough to admit it.

For the next few days I will be doing mundane dad chores and will likely not post for awhile.

Meanwhile, if you are so inclined, take the time to mine the archives. Farts and Pearls to be found, depending on your sensibilities.


PS. To add to the tease, I was given the best hairstyle since my dad used to crewcut us in the workroom as a child. I have NEVER tipped a Costcutter $10, but damned if it wasn't worth it. In my new Ray Davies coif, I did YRGM (a little Kinks lingo there) at my nephews wedding and it came out, "quite good."

PPS. I could not NOT buy that Scorpio. Damn the consequences. At least I can make a decision about budgeting, unlike certain highly esteemed and paid public servants!


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