Thursday, June 09, 2005

Too Much to Say -- A New Form of Writer's Block

Hi All!

I let the pictures tell the proverbial thousand words on how the trip went.

Now I am starting to save a bunch of drafts on myriad experiences and related observations.

I almost am getting overconfident enough to fancy giving PJ O'Rourke a run for the money, 'cos so much of the total experience reminded me of the road trip pieces he used to write for Car and Driver way back when, and later for Automobile.

Suffice it to say, it ain't all about the cars, not by a long shot. The cars are a backdrop for endless ripping yarns.

Hang in there. Let the suspense just kill ya.

Oh! Remind me to tell about the AMG S 500 we rode in that has more airbags than the Senate Democrat Caucus which were almost tested when a drunken fool peeled out of a bar just ahead of us; Poster World; Kevin from Limerick and my geography lesson -- suffice it to say that mixing Bass and Guinness to make a Black and Tan quaff could getcha bloody killed. Just small talk, Kevin, just making small talk after he remarked at my drinking some exotic beverage called O'Douls at Shenanigan's Irish Pub; Anal-retentive control freak super-host and all around great guy, taken in small doses; Insane Pennsylvania alcohol distribution system; getting nailed with the Merkur guys in the parking lot conclave for holding a cup of O'Douls in my left hand and a Yeungling bottle in my right, which was handed to me to hold while my buddy sifted through a box of parts -- looked bad and I heard about it!; 10th Anniversary of being there with my boys, now 17 and 15, and their, um, total lack of nostalgia.

Well, that's a start. I could flesh any one of those out, but I'm really gonna work on quality over quantity.



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