Saturday, July 02, 2005

Another Roseville Teacher Heard From

Hi All!

Once again, an anonymous Roseville teacher has posted a comment to the blog, and once again, since many don't check the "comments" area at the end of each post, I am putting this on the "front page" so it hopefully is more widely read:

"My heart is heavy; not only for a young man who died too early, but for a young man who certainly did not intend to have the young man's life end so abruptly, due to as one as reported, "a-million-in-one punch".

Mike was a student of mine for the last four years and as I know Mike, he will be living with this tragedy for the rest of his life. To prosecute him as an adult and put him into the prison system would be tragic. Does he need to pay for this action? I believe so. But I do not believe an adult prison term is the answer.

Questions to ponder: Will he do this again? I believe not. Was this act intentional (to cause death)? I believe not. Is there some type of community service that he can perform that will make young students aware of dealing with anger, using alternative behaviors that do not include violence (punching someone in the face)? I believe so.

We often stress rehabilitation. Why not use it here, with a young man who could certainly benefit, as well as benefit other young people telling his story? I believe sending young Mike to prison will not be in his best interest.

I feel terribly for Derrik (sic) New and his family. What a tragedy for them. I pray that they can find the strength and love to get them through this terrible situation.

I also hope that the system can find a solution for Mike to pay for this unfortunate event, but not put him into a situation that might affect him negatively for the rest of his life."


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