Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Bumper Stickers: Can't Lefties Let Go?

Hi All!

Those who remember an acerbic political commentator, now very much mellowed, will appreciate this little bit of fun I am gonna allow myself.

It is remarkable to me to see how many vehicles, great and small, hybrid and SUV, who still display Kerry Edwards and even Wellstone stickers. I admire their loyalty, but question their relevance.

Conservatives generally don't "do" bumper stickers much anymore. I can recall the days, especially when Gene McCarthy had those neat daisy-shaped stickers in '68, when bumper stickers were all the rage.

My '72 bug has been adorned with hundreds of stickers in it's life. Most were non-political -- souvenirs of where I had been in Europe, and whimsical ones such as "Too slow? Too bad!" and "VWs don't drip oil. They just mark their spot."

The only ones it now sports are "Twin Cities VW Club," "Bitte ein Bit" and the "D-schilder", the oval with the "D" for "Deutschland."

Trends come and go. Remember the truly annoying "Baby on Board" things? The suction cup Garfield characters? We had Bart Simpson wearing a "Bite Me" T-shirt. Now THAT was cool in a way Garfield was totally not.

This political sticker for defunct or deceased politicians is just plain silly. I try not to say "annoying" but when the driver is tooling around in a Liberal Limo, weaving while gabbing on a cell-phone, I must admit it irks a bit.

The latest craze, of course are the darned ribbon things. I hate them. Here is my idea for one, although, I'd never, EVER put it on MY car: Picture the red-white-and blue with the logo, "Annoy a Liberal." Another million dollar idea of mine is a green sticker in the same style as "Wellstone!" saying, "Tombstone!" Harsh. Just a nasty little thought I sometimes have.

In closing, as a staunch defender of "Freedom of Speech" I say that you can deface your lawn or your vehicle in any way you choose, but think about this: What are you trying to prove? Do you really think you are gonna change hearts or are you just looking to piss people off?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul, you referred to your '72 bug and "it's life" -- it's = it is; you needed the possessive: its.

6:18 AM  
Blogger pinkmonkeybird said...

I like your "Tombstone" idea. Who among us hasn't thought of a parody? Mine is "Well stoned".

In any case, we all get the message; "Idiot on board".

2:31 AM  

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