Monday, July 18, 2005

Yellow Waste Product

Hi All!

So much on my mind. Too much, in fact. I feel a plethora of pointed posts coming on.

However, I have just been distracted by a thud on my doorstep. Yes, they still deliver the Yellow Pages.

It is beyond my fathoming how these ancient relics can still make economic sense.

I instantly toss them into the trash, but Laura always digs 'em up for the once or twice a year she might need to reference them. I have to move them out of the way to get at the Corning Ware.

The skinny local directories are still handy in a pinch, when the internet is down or something, but these huge paperweights are gonna damned near turn me into a tree hugger.

I wish the distributor would give us a choice whether we want one or not. I have enough detritus cluttering my domicile without this partictular yearly aggravation.



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