Thursday, August 25, 2005

More on Bumper Stickers

Hi All!

Just finished watching the 1966 classic, "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming." Amazing how much movie making quality has fallen as the technology has improved. Highly recommend you get down to Blockbuster and check it out.

It still slays me to see how many cars are still running around with Kerry bumper stickers. Maybe they were made with some super glue backing making them impossible to remove. I wish...

These paint damaging "statements" are often joined by stickers asking what Wellstone would do, demanding that government stay out of the bedroom and such like humourless sloganeering.

An oldy but goody that one still sees is "Mean People Suck." Five will getcha ten that there is a Kerry sticker on the same rickety old Datsun.

It was with an evil satisfaaction that I saw a very redneck-looking old pick-em-up today with Bush, NRA, God Bless America, etc. stickers on the tailgate...and this one: "Mean People Suck. Nice People Swallow."

Not sure what it means but it must by funny, 'cos only we conservatives have a decent sense of humour... ;-)



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