Thursday, August 25, 2005

Welcome Pilgrims!

Hi All!

My great friend Mitch was kind enough to link to my protester snaps on his bigtime blog.

It's a great opportunity to introduce new readers to my humble blogabode and it has caught me in a creative dearth.

Oh, I've got reams of scratch paper with fantastic ideas for entries, but they pile up like leaves in the fall and are seldom revisited until those infrequent desk-clearings at which point I generally ask myself what the heck I was thinking about, or worse, can't read my own fevered scratchings as my mind raced ahead of the pen.

In my inebriate days of old, I did the same thing. Only difference is that NOW my mind races faster and the notes spill out more PROFUSELY!

I haven't developed the discipline (or found the right balance of medication) to sit still and write these stories up proper.

I guess I just felt that I owed the new readers an explanation for not having done any good entries in awhile.

Please mine the archives. There is some good material in there. It also, for me, is a lasting record of my decline and fall, and my work to salvage the incredible support and good fortune that have kept me around, if not for some higher purpose, than only to enjoy my life surrounded with love, support and forgiveness.



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