Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The AM 950 SUV

Hi All!

Whilst doing my best to keep up with the 70mph traffic on 36 today, a Jap SUV blew by. This is not particularly unusual, except for the fact that the virgin, recent, factory paint on the rear tailgate was slathered with finish-killing sticky stickers promoting world peace, supporting our troops, urging us to vote for Kerry and demanding we listen to AM 950.

I couldn't catch up to it -- he, she, it turned right on Hamline and I had to go left (irony noted).

Good thing too. I had a wisecrack or two up my sleeve.

NOTE: The term "Jap car" seems to have been coined by WWII vets in the 60's as very primitive and cheap cars manufactured in Japan started annoying the American auto market. It is employed here merely as a blast from the past, and not intended to be anything but a quaint moniker revived.

For all I know, it may have been a Korean SUV, but it's hard to read a nameplate when the letters are moving away from you so quickly.

The AM 950 sticker, a future collector's item if you aks me, was big, looked to be of paper with superglue backing and employed red and blue lettering on a white background.

As this newish gas guzzler has most likely never been protected with a coat of carnuba, the future owner will need a case of "Goop-Off" to get that sucker off, and the color of the paint beneath will be indelibly a different, rectangular hue.

As I've said before, we conservative folks generally don't do stickers. Static cling is ok, but even then, we generally try not to add to the stress of driving by annoying godknowswhat other drivers of other stripes. What is the point?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to suggest you put this warning on your site:

WARNING: The pictures and events on this site may not be real, may be staged, or forged, and may be misrepresented if I find it a useful way to reinforce my existing stereotypes. If I am caught red-handed in a lie by multiple eyewitnesses, I will remove
the material completely, so that I can continue to fabricate new "news" of my choosing. If you trust what you read here, it is your own fault.

6:55 AM  

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