Thursday, October 27, 2005

New Post

Hi All!

The title of this piece pretty much sums up how creative I have felt lately.

On Health: The colonoscopy was quite a bit more uncomfortable and lengthly than promised. The doc took 3 benign polyps so the exploration wasn't in vain. Next up in a few days will be a battery of heart and liver tests and imaging and all manner of poke and prod. Enough of that. I'm gonna try to avoid discussing my aches and pains. It's boring.

On Family: Alex be 18 on Election Day (more on that below). The time to fret about getting him into college and how to afford it has come on much too fast. Maybe I can convince Cretin to hold him back a year... Drew is cruising along Sophomorically and Catie is in her last year of "public" school, innocence intact, working hard on a speaking role in a P.C. "made for schools" play about the battle for women's rights in the garment industry at the turn of the century.

Laura Kuettel. The wife, mother, teacher and council person has an actual re-election race going on. Signs, lit drops and everything. Ah, it brings back memories of my frantic House races, except it's fun to be on the incumbent's side.

On Finances: Was able to re-fi for the third time in 4 years and got a pretty good, safe loan. Still dodging financial bullets, but all things considered, and with the considerable generosity of friends and family, we are bumping along, keeping the wolf at bay.

Bored yet?

So am I.

To top it off, the New Pornographers cancelled their 1st Ave gig for which I had bought tix 2 months ago, and now can't refund at Music Go Round, only downtown Mpls at 8pm at their box office.

As you can see, there are many distractions, and the Wog's Blog has suffered.

I promise to get back in the saddle soon, as writing this is therapeutic, whether anyone reads it or not.


PS. Just spoke with the mechanic. The Trooper needs $3000 in engine work. With the Scorpio sitting in the driveway waiting for a rebuilt tranny, we are suddenly short on cars!

And so it goes.


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