Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bustin' Me Buttons

Hi All!

What a joy to outgrow my shirt with pride instead of 10 new pounds!

My oldest, Alex -- the one who just turned 18 Tuesday and is a senior at Cretin HS -- received a simple card from my alma mater, the College (ahem, University) of Saint Thomas, congratulating him on being accepted to its Class of 2010!

Who says an average white boy can't get into college anymore?

How did the admissions committee know what a great kid Alex is intangibly -- deep down? His ACT score is middle of pack, he is athletic but has not played on any Cretin teams and has not been involved in any other extra curriculars. His GPA is close to 4.0, but due to grade inflation, that isn't so rare anymore. He is a white, middle class male.

Perhaps the fact that he doesn't have a criminal record (yet ;-) was a deciding factor. Just kidding, mom.

I have tried to raise my brood with as much intellectual and moral teaching as I could get them to listen to, but I have always kept my expectations reasonable.

Alex keeps breaking through the ceilings of my best hopes for him.

Now I guess I will start to fret about Drew (15) and Catie (13). I'm afraid their older bro has raised the bar yet again!

Thank you for allowing me my gushing for now. Reality of how to finance this new endeavor will hit home soon enough. I trust that things will work out, as they nearly always seem to do when you least expect them to.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Alex!

And congratulations to your wife on her re-election.

Meanwhile, impeach Bush.

1:46 PM  
Anonymous paulsen said...

You go Alex, and yes, I'm with anonymous Impeach Bush!!!

2:47 PM  

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