Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Sore Loser

Hi All!

In the wake of the royal butt kicking of the two gadfly candidates in Falcon Heights, the last place finisher has this to say on his website :

"Negative campaigning, dirty tricks and violation of election laws helped get the job done. They like to have everyone fooled into believing they promote a "warm, fuzzy feeling" when in reality they are only "neighborly" to the ones who are part of their little clique. Just what is going on in city hall that's so important, so secretive that they have to defend the place like the Alamo?

Probably nothing, except for the plain fact that they don't want anyone in their playground who isn't one of "them".

I have to admit that the childish antics of these characters and flagrant name-calling (which I have never resorted to) have given me great entertainment over the past couple months. — Bryan Olson

Kuettel 879
The Write-In candidate 797
Lageson 385
Olson 187

BTW, the "Write-in candidate" is Pam Harris, who ran a remarkable campaign, given the odds of write-ins in general.

I would love to hear some specifics about the "dirty tricks", "childish antics" and "flagrant name-calling" to which Olson refers.

Ah well, it's over for a couple of years. Time to move on.

OK, I'll admit it was all a plot by City Hall, who sent out storm troopers to march 1400 (around 40%) of the registered voters to the polls at gunpoint with instructions on whom to vote for.

The 187 brave souls who dared vote for Bryan Olson will likely disappear under mysterious circumstances before the next election. Those who bravely supported Tom Lageson might get off with re-education camp.



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