Monday, January 23, 2006


Hi All!

On Friday, I joined my precious youngest, Catherine, 13, in an all-day retreat at our parish, Saint Agnes, in preparation for her confirmation. Mass, Lectures, Confession and praying the Rosary.

I started to slightly feel the intense Faith that I had in childhood.

On Saturday, Catie was Confirmed at the packed Cathedral by Archbishop Harry Flynn. Saint Agnes had 118 Confirmands. They shared the sacred ceremony with 22 young black kids from Saint Peter Claver.

It was an amazingly inspirational service.

When I approached the Archbishop, I felt a sudden compulsion to take his right hand, kneel and kiss his ring. It was totally unplanned. Archbishop Flynn took my shoulders and said, "Thank You."

Sunday, we went to the 10:00 Saint Agnes High Mass and enjoyed a Gounot Mass that was transfixing. The crescendos of the orchestral and choral musicians sent chills through my spine.

Monday I drove to my parents' house.

An ambulance rushed by and headed down Vadnais Boulevard, an awesome road that borders Lake Vadnais, owned by Saint Paul Water Department thus is off-limits to any kind of cabin, house or watercraft, thus is a fir-lined urban Northwoods pristine site.

The speedo on my Scorpio don't work. I am extremely familiar with the hills and curves of the road, having driven it hundreds of times.

It is notorious speed trap. I chased the ambulance. An undercover SUV with a deputy sheriff u-turned and pulled me over. 49 in a 35.

I was expecting to go to jail for 2 years, which an arrest would have cost me, being on probation.

The young deputy came back to my car with my drivers license, after an eternal 5 minutes, and let me go.

Don't know if my excuse worked but I immediately confessed that I knew the limit was 35 but I was chasing an ambulance out of simple human curiosity. Without the speedo working, I showed definite shock when told I was going 49.

I went to Mass three days in a row. I made a rare confession. I prayed the Rosary. I kissed the Archbishop's Ring.

I am thinking hard about what it all means. But I've got an idea....




Blogger ToeKnee said...

Welcome back, Paul.

I'll pray for you that you keep feeling closer and closer to God (and get your speedometer repaired...)

8:33 PM  

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