Saturday, February 11, 2006

Bad Things Happen to Good People

Hi All!

It's a trite old bromide, but in some cases, not to be specific right now, it is all too painfully true.

I have never harmed anything larger than a cicada, which I snatched from a sheet that my mom had hung out to dry (remember when people DID that?) Put the poor thing in an empty glass Jif peanut butter jar with a few moth cristals, and soon this magnificent creature acheived immortality spiked with a hat pin to a cotton-coated bug collection mounting board, along with various colorful other fauna. I fancied the huge, Bell Museum quality cecropia.particularly.

Alas, immortality is brief. Somewhere along the line, the bug collection disappeared.

Still have the rock collection, the stamps, the coins, and back issues of Yellow Pages going back many years.... (I keed!)

Anyway, the not-so-fickle finger of fate has been shoved up our arse yet again.

This is what is called a tease. I will elaborate, or not. It is fiction, or not. All I can say, again, is James Frey made it up. I wouldn't need to.

Teasingly Yours


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