Friday, February 10, 2006

C S I Can't Take it Anymore

Hi All!

A bloody eyeball is scooped from a corpse's head and displayed with all the pulled up roots dangling from it.

What is obscene and objectionable? A skinned and butterflied young woman's corpse or a live bare breast?

I love CSI. It is a very good show. But they might be reaching a bit.

After the eyeball dig and the autopsy scenes I suddenly realized that, heck, I don't want to watch this nor do I need watch it.

I curled up early with PJ O'Rourke's "Peace Kills" and had a restful sleep.

This post is non judgemental, as I am conflicted about how much censorship, if any, should be exercised on the stuff impressional kids OF ALL AGES can watch.

It is more to me a case of hypocrasy where dead bodies can be done with what will, but live bodies and what they display or say are subject to restriction and admonition, if not criminal prosecution!



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