Saturday, February 18, 2006

More Proof of Global Warming

Hi All!

Was nice and toasty under the down featherbed when the call came. My kid was driving the Trooper (amusingly referred to by him as "his car" when it runs and "your car" when it's broken down) on Rice and 36 when there was a cold-related engine crap out.

To make matters much worse, he had 2 Red's Savoy pizzas for our late dinner.

I got dressed and fetched him and the pizzas were too damned good to taste bad. My word that's good pizza. Best in town. The place will probably shut down with the smoking ban smoking their bar business, but the pizza might save them.

So I got to thinking about global warming. I think about it alot. One can't help to, given the constant media barrage blaming everything from hurricanes to blizzards on this huge pile of "B" as in "B", "S" as in "S---"

How dare we be so arrogant to believe that we can change the climate? We are little tiny bugs with a short shelf life in the continuum of the earth's -- God's -- timeline.

I dare say we have pushed ourselves closer to extinction, which will happen naturally in a million years, more or less, by the foolish sacrifices we have made at the alter of the false idol Mother Earth.

Cripes, what did the dinosaurs do to deserve their fate, eating trees, expelling CO2 from their breathing and creating poisoned air as their defecations ripened?

And they were much bigger than us little crawling organisms that aren't one billionth as hardy as ants.

Go ahead and buy this chicken little stuff. I'll keep my eye on Iran, Pakistan, Korea, China et all. Trust me, kind readers, if we all croak prematurely, it's gonna be from the global warming of nuclear explosives... Or the mass of hot air emanating from the false prophets of global warming doom.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul, you referred to "alot" -- however, a lot is two words: a lot.

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