Saturday, February 11, 2006

The Plot Thickens

Hi All!

Not fair to keep you in suspense. Until technology gets to the point where you can verbally live-blog into a tiny recorder and have it converted to proper prose by plugging the deally into your PC, I will have to settle for reporting the past, which is just a thought, and is gone at every moment.

So, my boys play in a Roseville Basketball league, and they are pretty good (for white guys ;-)

I daresay their middle-of-pack squad could have dusted my 1974 Cretin Raiders Catholic Conference Champs (did you know that Paul Molitor was a great guard, but had to choose baseball as he was too small for college hoops?). True. But he was one of the best U of M intramural hoopsters of all time. That's Sparky for ya. The #1 pick of 1956 gene pool. May or may not have smoked ditchweed with him in dad's workroom in the basement of 201 Montrose Place. I think we did, but I "can't remember."

Anyhoo, I arrived at today's tilt less than one minute into the game, just in time to see an opponent take a free shot due to a technical foul.

I'd explain that to non-hoops fans, but it's too technical.

There must be a Guiness Record for quickest technical ever called in hoops histoirey.

Who done this dastardly deed? A defender put his hand on an offender who played for an Oscar by dramatically collapsing to the floor in anguish...until the technical was called, which miraculously restored the offended young fella to decent enough health.

At least that what I'm told.

I didn't see the flagrancy, I only saw the resulting free throws and marveled at how little time had run off the game clock.

I didn't need to ask who got the foul.

Wogsters don't get away with anything.



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