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Hi All!

My oldest child and youngest adult gained acceptance to my alma mater, St. Thomas. He was turned down by the U of M.

In my day, things were the other way around. St Thomas was tougher to be accepted to than the U, which was considered by some to be just a bit better than community college.

Now the U is more selective (of white catholic males, anyway) than St Thomas.

Well, justice is served. Alex got his letter of acceptance from the U the other day. Seems he was on a waiting list.

This presents a conundrum: where should he attend?



Anonymous Cindy Leaf said...

Does this really work? I think Alex should thoroughly tour both the u and st thomas, and he needs to decide. I personally loved st. thomas as if you needed to be hand held and showed what to do, there's that..not at the u! Re garding ash wed, I was driving the boys to church, and attempted to explain the whole Lent/ash Wed deal to Nick. His questions prooved I was making no sense, so I finally became annoyed and said let's just have this conversation next year, you're too young to understand. Silence. After 2 minutes, CHARLIE chimes in and said, "OH Mommy, I getit!! Lent means Jesus doesn't want us to say goddammit and stuff like that!!" Well, I guess he's right. I"m trying!!!!!

11:28 AM  
Blogger Nordeaster said...

If he knows someone from his school that went to either institution, it would be good to spend some time with them. Ask questions and get their take. I found that very useful.

Consider the major. For example the U of MN has a much better reputation for engineering than St. Thomas, but for liberal arts or a different area it may be the other way around

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