Thursday, March 23, 2006

Dawn Brings Snow, and a Brighter Day

Hi All!

Drew could not bear to miss any more school, so he felt well enough to go today. I think he wants to prove he is ok to try out for baseball. I hope he can -- doctors can be wrong.

We'll see.

Some say it is lazy to refer a blog reader to another writer's work, but my favorite Reagan speechwriter cum author and columnist, Peggy Noonan, coughed up a true pearl today, which should be read by all with the least interest in goverment and politics. Fascinating stuff.

I am gonna lay low today, but hope to get back to my Pioneer Press story.

The chairperson of our Lions Club's Sunshine Committee called to ask whether Laura would like flowers or a plant. I suggested a useful and hardy plant...won't tell you what kind, but even this seasoned citizen got the joke and replied that she'll grab a couple of organisms from the basement hydrophonic chamber ;-)




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