Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Health Update - What Next?

Hi All!

Drew, just recovered from pneumonia in both lungs, developed pleurisy tonight and couldn't breathe. The initial diagnosis was a collapsed lung. He needed a ridiculously expensive ambulance ride to Childrens, where he had chest xrays, ekg, morphine and God knows what else. Thankfully, he is home and resting comfortably courtesy of Vicodin.

Alex took him to a place with a batting cage, where he took many mighty swings and felt fine until after he got home. The irritation of the act of swatting at the orb apparently revealed what was bound to occur in any case.

Cretin baseball tryouts are on Saturday. My little (big, actually) Kent Hrbek-type great fielding 1st baseman power hitter is benched for this season.

Sometimes one just wants to go out, look to the sky and shout, "Why US?"

Then you sense the answer. "Your family is alive and well and will survive and thrive. Count your blessings."

Thanks, God!

PS. For those new to reading blogs, colored, underlined words are links to further info on the topic. Seems obvious to me, but many readers think it's just a highlight. Click, learn and come back to the post. Neatorama!


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