Thursday, March 23, 2006

Raving On

Hi All!

I must revisit this Rave thing. On the way to Wal*Mart to return a vacuum cleaner (sick of replacing Eurekas every year and ordered a Dyson) I put in a different disc from the new collection and found it not very bad at all. Orchestral, electronic and somewhat gentler beat. Darned near soothing!

Keeping an open mind, so as to keep letting the sun shine in.

Catie is displaying her work at The Night of the Notables at Roseville MS tonight. The kids dress up as historical figures and the visitors can ask them questions about their lives.

Catie has a full Victorian black dress and an impressive tri-fold poster board. She downloaded an an image of an original letter and used a match to age the edges. What a kid.

Catie plays Rose O'Neal Greenhow, Confederate spy. My own little rebel. Gotta love it. In character, I asked her how she died, assuming some form of execution, but she lucked out and drowned before the Union could string her up.

God Save the South!


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