Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Thank God for AFSCME

Hi All!

No, I haven't lost my mind quite yet.

As an 8-year Teacher Assistant for Special Education kids at Falcon Heights Elementary, my better half makes less than a janitor, but the benefit of a gold-plated insurance package has been worth tens of thousands to our chronically ill family.

Yesterday my 15-year old Drew was treated at Children's for double pneumonia. After suffering for over a week (during his school vacation, no less) and a misdiagnosis on Friday, big spots were found in both lungs. He was pumped full of good stuff and sent home.

Today, he is bouncing back strongly.

Today, my wife Laura went to her pulmonologist with a similar complaint. Doctor Flink plopped her immediately into a wheel chair and literally ran her across the street to United's ER.

Unlike Drew, she is being admitted. Her dad is with her, as she wished me to stay with Drew. We enjoyed an awesome Blur DVD concert together. Nice bonding moment ;-)

I have my political opinions on public employee unions, which will always make me seem like a hypocrite based on the benefits we have received. I am certainly far more understanding of why the unions work so hard to keep or improve the status quo.

I play trivia with a couple of public employee union high mucky mucks and the respectful and honest dialog we have is helping each perspective better appreciate each other.

More snow tonight? Hm.... Seems like over time, whenever the weatherfaces are proven correct, they go overboard and start hyping every cloud spied in Nebraska. But again, I hope they are right. Snow rocks this time of year. Fun to practice winter driving skills again.



Anonymous Sonja Kirgos said...

You "seem" like a nice guy, but you "are" a hypocrite. And when you knowingly take advantage of something as important as health care, which you are painfully aware of, and you constantly undermine it's availability to everyone else with your opinions, and they die, you will become a deadly hypocrite. No matter how cheery you are or may pretend to be I've never met anyone who is consciously a deadly hypocrite and a nice guy. So at some point you may have to change your opinion. The sooner the less deadlier. I wish you and your family well. And everyone else's. I wish everyone had such great health care.

Cheers!(I'm not mocking you it's how I end all my e-mail and posts)

11:24 PM  

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