Friday, April 14, 2006

Apology Redux

Hi All!

I've gotten away from blogging again, although not for lack of ideas!

For the past 6 weeks or so there has been much too much occupying my attention.

The health thing, which is chronic for me and which seems to take me totally down for a day or two every couple of weeks, the scares with Laura and Drew take a toll.

There have been legal issues (no, I will not discuss them, nothing serious, just annoying).

Alex is preparing to graduate and he has chosen the U of M over my objections. There is a grad party to arrange, gowns and caps to purchase, which isn't much. But the U has many deadlines for anything from financial aid to orientation to actually making official his enrollment.

Drew getting his license yesterday and needing to put on insurance, unexpectedly expensive car repairs; Catie getting ready to grad from Middle School and prepare for Cretin; $300+ for a few lousy senior pictures; Enough--I'm even boring myself.

I wonder if there is a way to notify regular readers who volunteer their email addresses when a new post happens. Every time I get a bit of momentum, I lose most of it when readers get sick of checking in and seeing the same old post at the top?

Ah well, as Ray Davies and audience sang Sunny Afternoon, we now really have one going today! The song is particularly apt as it opens with the taxman taking all Ray's dough. Please click and read -- it's perfect for today.



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