Monday, May 15, 2006


Hi All!

Over-educated, Over-sensitive, Over-medicated, can't get over my wunnerful self.

Yet, I don't read my own blog. Post and be done is my motto.

For giggles, I read a few of my latest entries trying to see what the readers might think of the rants from their perspective.

When I look in the mirror at my fantastic self-haircut, gorgeous face and porky, yet a 40lb topsoil bag lighter than I was at the beginning of the year (nothing like liver disease to pass food on thru without letting it get converted to fat (or energy)).

Then I see a recent picture of myself. Yellow eyes, horrific hair, man titties, belt-hiding flabby kangaroo pouch, deathly pallor. Trite but true, the last person to know how you are perceived by others is you.

Followups, as promised.

Found that I leave alot of stories hanging. Oftimes, the experience predicted was so way cool as to be overwhelming, and I develop reverse magnetism with the keyboard.

Ray Davies concert -- Some day I will write it up. Top ten life experience, top 5 with kids in tow.

Pie in Ear Press Story. When a top-drawer editorial writer is lured from the Wall Street Journal to St. Paul, given a pretty rich contract, then fired (fortunately, they kept it fair by canning that goof the Good Witch Glenda as well), I assumed the end was near. Thankfully, it seems the patient will pull through with new, albeit stingy ownership. And Ragsdale should stay on the oped -- he's brilliant and totally "plugged-in"

More to follow: Hah! Insurance guy is calling. After 34 years of business with Farmers with not one accident claim, just a couple of vandalisms way in the past, they pulled my criminal file and thanked me very much by raising the premium on the Trooper, which I don't drive (Alex thinks it's "his" car) from $800/yr to $3800. That will not stand, even if I have to "quit driving"



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