Monday, May 01, 2006

Friendly Advice for Illegal Aliens

Hi All!

As a 5th generation German-Swiss-French-Austrian, um, American, I have no problem with welcoming immigrants to the Greatest Country in the History of the World.

What bothers me, and it's partly the fault of Political Correctness, is that millions of people want to come in illegally, and actually want to take us over!

Why we can't have a simple method for illegals to sign up for a Social Security card and start paying taxes on their hard and useful work, I just can't understand.

As to today's agressive and provocative "action" against my country, I continue to wonder who does the PR for the "movement."

I will visit a few of my haunts today and I am willing to bet that not one Mexican will fail to be working. Unless they want to get fired.

Mi Amigos, No muerda la mano que las alimentaciones usted. Play fair.



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