Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Jaegerschotz vol. 1 no. 1

Liver update: Vitals stable+ but weak. Blood tests are trending more up than down after a pretty scary near system crash a few weeks ago. Now you know what set me off about blogspot. I ain't got time to mess ith all that stuff and nonsense.

No comments coming in – what does it take to rile youse up? I think I'll plan a stunt and alert the MSM (Main Strear Media Drive).

My two Cretin-Derham high schoolers have been awarded $1000 each in scholarships from the St Joes' Academy Alumni Association.

Laura is back from post-school year retreat. Much happiness all round but at this stage in life, such uinions are not without hitches and glitches, but being here with my family intact is all I need and more than I deserve.

Still hectoring my long-time friend and Capitol super-insider to join me for a post-Session review. I tried to get him to agree to Keegans on Thursday, but unfortunately he is known to most who normally are there. He is Ed Burdick/Al Johnson-like in the pains he takes to avoid the slightest hint of betraying his personal views. Not a bad strategy for someone who has to get voted on to keep his job every couple of years.

Through a wide array of power balances and personalities, esp speakers, this person will someday have a bust next to Ed and Al. To bad Al got their just a bit ahead. He might never make it to the top, but there isn't a more devoted, hard-working, honest, passionate, fair, smart public servant.

He makes a lot, but I'm to sure he even keeps track of his money. Adopted a little Brother and Sister and supported them through College. Needless to say, their lives are 180% different were it not for him.!

Weather report. If you dare complain about this summer you don't deserve to live here. No, you simply don't deserve to live, and if you are a big fat sweaty guy or gal with clogged arteries ...... I rest my case. Even the mosquitoes are hiding like the Taliban.

Llike latest posts? Took a big chance in dashing off the ethanol piece as a 'HUGE U of M doctor appointment loomed. The gods of blogdom must have heard the admiral's complaint. Published barely edited.. Most good writers can't keyboard very well and once you've hunted and pecked you will nener be able to type properly. I use six fingers: Thumbs, pointers and eff youse.

That Picture of gore made me ten minutes late but no harm no foul and damed if I wasn't gonna work that image in. Of course they always insert on top and I drag it down a third of a screen at a time. Suppose I should learn how to do it right but I'm gonna write my HTML in Oppen Office from now on. You can't imagine how many keystrokes and minutes were consumed in moving that last image to it's place at the end of the St Agnes bit of fluff.

Need a refreshing pick-me-up? Make like the handome, vibrant, healthy kids!

1. Find a bar. Not very difficult. Just make sure it stays open until 2:00 am.

2. Check out the two-fer happy time. Generally 3 r 4 to 5 or 6 ane -11 or 10-12, depending. Bit of research and effort required. Have a beer at each place you check out so you are primed to hit the Golden River.

3. Order up a double round of Jagbbulls. All the inebriation and stimulation one can injestlegally. What a great combo! It is served in a shot glass inside of a regular glass. The Jaeger goes in the shot, the Red Bill surround it in the big glass. Best downed in one (before you can taste it). Did taste it and didn't like? Well it's an aquired taste and requires practice. Do several repetitions

4. Hope that you or your ne of your posse has a credit card with money on it. Even happy hours ain't free and this is no cheap buzz!

5. If you can find your car in under 5 minutes, you can drive. Don't believe all that were founded on noble principals and outgrew the founders and turned the principals into a billy club wielded mercilessly as they started pushing ahead of the weaker pigs at the Treasury Trough.

They get paid to scare you, the bastards. Don't listen to 'em. Look up Candy Leitner and know the original mission of MADD.

(I made up an acronym for my own organization: DAMM (Drunks Against Mad Mothers)


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