Saturday, July 08, 2006


Hi All!

The quixotic quest I thought I had abandoned is not so easily purged from my dreams and ambitions.

I am gonna Shake Rattle and Roll some political trees if I change course and follow this insanity. I have been very busy planning the graduation party. The next day, 7/17/06, I will decide comfortably and with no regrets either way.

One of the key elements of my Big Idea which is now the BIG BAM BOOM and will likely morph into something even better, was a blog and website presence and a technology-based thrust that will far surpass anything that's yet been tried on this level of political campaigning.

The bloggers whom I trust and love waved their fannys at me. It's not nice to stand in front of the China shop with a red flag, Brian, Mitch, David, et al.

Enough of an inside dig. I am gonna need youse guys and the likes of ya to place respectfully.

For now,


Click: A NEW BLOG!!!!!

No more politics on this site. The NEW and IMPROVED political wogsblog will be a mother lode.


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