Thursday, July 06, 2006

Boycott Superamerica

Hi All!

Speedy rewards my butt. I have bought over a thousand bucks of gas from these thieves and am almost qualified for a 79 cent soda.

As the Twin Cities most ubiquitous gas station chain SA seems to be the price standard for all other stations. After sticking at $2.99/gallon for 10 days or so thru 7/4, someone decided that the only way to crack the $3.00 barrier would be to smash it, see what happens and back up after desensitizing the brain dead masses of asses.

Thus Wednesday saw $3.10 system wide. Not too many stations followed and the price is backing up to high $2 and low $3.

Why the price increase? North Korea celebrated the 4th by shooting of a puny rocket. Yepp, that's an actual explanation that I heard, well, it was spun to the effect that uncertain world events have worried the oil market.

Gas is cheap and I don't mind paying for it. It could be better and cheaper if those darned corn squeez'ns weren't in there. Gee, I hope there will be some Indian corn available for the Thanksgiving cornucopia, but there is quite the shortage of corn, apparently.

One more shot at Everclear. What would it cost if it was taxed? Like petrol? 20 cents more per gallon? At least we'd be able to patch a few pot holes or shore up the rusted out overpasses on 36, for example.

Thanks Government, you did it again! Screw with the free market. Works (for you) every time.

If blog swarms are so cool, lets try one here. BOYCOTT SUPERAMERICA!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree, everyone should boycott SA. I haven't bought fuel there in a very long time and I never will again after KARE11's report. I disagree though about your free market statement. Things like fuel have a huge effect on our economy and must be regulated. The problem is with our government and how they are in bed with big business. Health care should be regulated so that everyone can afford it too, but because of our idiotic government many people have to go without medications because they are to expensive. Just look around and see who is getting richer - the big bosses and big politicians. While everyone is boycotting SA they should also boycott NWA and fire all the politicians who have done their bidding.

7:33 AM  

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