Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Did You Get Anything?

Hi All!

As I walked back to the car from the Taste of Minnesota fireworks, absentmindedly engaging in my unfortunate tic of nose picking, a middle aged black woman waiting in traffic (little to she know that she would move about 1 block in the next hour) asked, "Did you get anything?" I kept walking casually, turning and flicking my pointer and thumb as if to fire a hard booger ball at her. We both cracked up. Everyone started home happy last night (not sure about how they felt when they finally got home).

It was the perfect end to a perfect night. I guess I can die happy now. As a fireworks freak who is still sitting on an arsenal in the garage, waiting for the next trip to the Lake, the Mellaluca display will never be topped. Can't be. Must have been a few semi-loads of gunpowder shot off.

I am not fond of Mellaluca. It is one of those Amway-type scams, and my wife supports her "the one over her" with about $80/mo. in purchases with a contract to buy so much in a year. Sorry, I trust in Sam Walton for my soap.

The weather conditions were better than perfect, I had a spot against the VIP barricade and was within feet of big fat clown and all around fantastic character Ron Maddox, who has died about 5 times and has put on this show for 19 years. The Mellaluca boss with him and the dreaded Jamie Peterson introduced the show.

Best spot I have ever had to watch, although one lousy little tree screened a couple of ground effects.

Walked over to a bar and grille after the show and watched this red truck (my benchmark) spend 40 minutes in the same spot with engine idling (as were most of the thousands of vehicles stuck in the gridlock.

When it was clear by midnight, I got in the only car in the lot and tooled home happy.

Went down to Harriet Island twice this year. Fireworks aforementioned and Alice Cooper's pretty darn good show Thursday. Ah, the power of the handicapped parking mirror hanger.

Well I got A LOT from the Taste. And Maddox didn't see a single one of my dimes. What a country!


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