Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Post Party Depression

Hi All!

The Graduation and World Party succeeded beyond my wildest expectations. I patted myself on the back so hard that I crashed for the better part of Monday and Tuesday, although I did rally Tuesday afternoon and took second place with my partner "Cowboy" in the weekly horseshoe tournament down ta da Rosetown Legion Club.

Oh. That was after the other story I have to tell. Party over, reality in my face.

Stay tuned.

BTW, was I on the right track with the Entenza reference in the prior post? His ego-blind attempts to stave off the truth about him was not enough, I don't think, to compel him to fall on his sword and abandon his dream.

No, it is all about his wife who may or may not go to jail but simply by having raked in 30 million dollars from exercising stock options doomed old Matt's ambition. No one deserves his fate more than he.

I dodged my dream yesterday as well, but for less nefarious reasons. Stay tuned.


Stay tuned.....


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