Thursday, July 13, 2006

Wee Hour Rumination on a Snack.

Hi All!

Yeah, I'm still up.

Daughter's 14th today. Happy Birthday Cates! I shall give you a pass on forgetting to load the dishwasher last night.

Tough to sleep. Itch in upper back from dermatological procedure that seems to have become infected, so it's just as well I can't reach it to scatch it and compound the damage. Edema has added 25lbs to my ample frame and my elephantine feet don't fit into shoes -- well, untied and uncomfortable at least.

Many itches of a psychological and family relationship nature, but I've best advised myself to let that ride. Dear reader, if I take you there, you will never come back. That't how much is under the lid.

I had the pangs of hunger, so I rooted around the fridge to see what creativity I could apply to a 3am snack.

The two week old chili+kitchen sink I have been doctoring and nursing needed a little added water and extra microwave time to ward of food poisoning.

Not hitting the spot.

Grabbed a King's Hawaiian Roll - no, two. at least three week old but not the least sign of spoilage. Scary but still tasty.

Dug out the ancient remainder of 3 slices of ham 'n cheese loaf.

Went for the fresh butter. Nothing in dish, nothing worse than spreading cold butter.

Espied a neglected container of some yellow gelatinous substance with a bit of watery condensation around it, so I stirred it up and with great effort to keep it sliding off the knife, managed to complete the treat.

Now I have been fooled countless times and I am a true sucker in the P.T. Barnum sense.

But you can't fool Mother Nature, and I CAN believe...

It's not butter.

But when you're hungry....


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