Thursday, August 10, 2006

Another Magnum Opus Trashed

Hi All!

As promised, I called up the draft of my wacked-out short story entitled "Paul, the Swedish Casanova of Nytt Beddinge Strand" and printed it out to proofread at Ol' Mexico.

Once again, my gross laziness in trusting Blogspot's editor to preserve my precious keystrokes did me in.

Note to self: Compose drafts in a word processing program and paste into Blogspot when honed and polished into a perfect gem.

Just by calling up the draft and printing it, half the piece got garbled and/or lost. I didn't panic, simply closed the window without clicking anything resembling a "save" in vain hope of seeing the "old" version today. No luck. I'm not sure I'll try to recreate as it was a pretty bizzare parody of a local egomaniacal local writer that wasn't all that good, judging from the fragments that survive.

But I think I'll give it a try and publish it anyway, 'cos I hate to let all that work go to waste. Never hurts to throw poop and see if anything sticks to the wall.

I was pleasantly surprised to run into Fox, one of my favorite trivia competitors from another haunt who happened to be in Roseville on other business and got the itch to leave his mark on Ol' Mex's monthly Top Ten Scorers. Unfortunately, the field was weak last night so Fox was not impressed with the level of play I have always bragged to him about. I guess the regulars took a night off.

It transpired that we both were off of our game and we quit after a couple of sets and went to our respective homes early. The refried beans with extra cheese and lostsa salsa were excellent, however, so the trip was a qualified success.

Returning home at the ungodly early hour of midnight, found both boys actually home and preparing for a decent night's sleep. I celebrated by viewing my new Alice Cooper DVD at max volume. Sometimes I wonder if the neighbors get curious about the late night rumblings in their home's foundations.

We used to get alot of insects in our basement, especially ants. They've been as sparse as mosquitos this year and I like to think that the 1200 or so watts I have hooked up have acted as a repellent.

Wish I had seen the DVD before I saw Alice at the Taste of Minnesota. I would have better figured out what was going on on the distant and tough to see stage, as the set was pretty identical, what with the huge live snake, the beheading and mutilated bloody baby dolls, ad nauseum. Music was great though. A friend of Alex got Vincent Furnier's autograph a few years ago when the Dr. Jekyll side of "Alice" played golf at a local course. The guy is quite good on the links and I guess he even tried a pro-am tour at one time. 'Course he's 58 now, which is even getting too old for the Senior Tour.



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