Friday, August 04, 2006

Back in the Saddle...Again?

Hi All!

As is my bad habit in many things, I tend to work in frenetic spurts and am horrible at consistency.

Dad always admonished, "You have no stick-to-itiveness." Such is the curse of my "genius" that too many things grab my interest and pull me in feet first until the next "interest" comes along.

When I was a kid, I built models, collected rocks, bugs, coins, stamps, baseball cards and bottle caps. I played all peewee sports, I mowed a dozen lawns a week I went on biking adventures that ranged all over the Twin Cities. I collected and listened to hundreds of record albums and madly accumulated stereo gear. In school I was Mr. Extracurricular to the point where I worked through a bout of what was then called "mono" but in retrospect was probably sheer exhaustion.

Oh, and I collected cars and girls and beer cans too.

Blogging is yet another "hobby" that I embraced with gusto. And as with all the aforementioned pursuits, I have had the tendency to lose interest, sometimes quickly, usually over time and move on to some other addiction, although I'll never let go of cars and hi-fi.

As fun as writing a blog is, it is sometimes a bit demoralizing to work one's rear off with little resulting increase in readership. Every few months I go on a blogging jag, only to see traffic increase from a few dozen souls a day to several dozen. But stop posting or even slow down and the several goes down to a few and soon to a couple and this week, one dozen in one day.

On the other hand, blogs are for many, me included, as a sort of vanity fair. Blogging is a great way to stroke one's own ego with the sheer brilliance of writing and thought that The World needs so very badly -- if only The World would find you.

For me particularly, I have always been told that I can write and that I should. Never had the discipline to try to get published by writing a book or magazine article, etc. Blogging lets me pretend. It's quick, dirty and easy. I can shoot all sorts of crap out my ass (figuratively, of course) and if something sticks, so much the bonus prize.

As it is, I will at least be leaving something to posterity, for however much or little it's worth.

Thanks for your support.



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