Sunday, August 13, 2006

"Big Water" Poised to Drain Lake Superior

Hi All!

The environmental wacko Star Tribune really told a whopper today.

Apparently, bottled water makers are poised to drain The Greatest Lake unless drastic action is taken.

Here is the link -- read it and suspend disbelief.

Yes, we puny little creatures are once again taking on the vastness and plentifulness of Mother Nature's resources and scoring a bigger victory than David v. Goliath.

I was particularly humoured by this passage:

"The water-export issue heated up in 1998, when an Ontario company called the Nova Group somehow managed to obtain a permit from the province to suck up and ship for sale to Asia the equivalent of 50 tankers per year of Lake Superior water. Citizens of the Great Lakes didn't buy it."

Of course, I'm no expert but I am imbued with basic common sense. And I surmise that a single decent rainstorm on Lake Superior would dump more than 50 tankers of water.

If one were to actually buy into this crap, one would fear that, once having drained the Great Lakes for the greedy bottled water drinkers that "Big Water" would go after the oceans!

Let me interject here that I think buying and drinking bottled water is quite a stupid and vain way of wasting money. There have been many tests proving that it is no cleaner than what we can get from the tap in most US cities. With a decent water filter, one can even beat the bottled water as far as contaminents go.

This is just one more "The Sky is Falling" screed by negative wacked-out alarmists who have never been proven right in matters of Ecology.

We are not causing Global Warming.

We have plenty of oil.

We have plenty of water.

We have plenty of land.

We have plenty of trees.

We have plenty of food.

We have plenty of lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

We even have plenty of meerkats and other creatures.

True, life on Earth might succumb to natural weather cycles, asteroids or aliens, but we aren't nearly powerful enough to destroy ourselves.

Cheers (if you are not a depressing scolding lefty)!


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