Saturday, August 26, 2006

A Day in the Life of Wog

Hi All!

It's midnight. Home... Two hours of rock left at the Turf.... Perhaps a concert DVD on the poor man's home theater. Blur or Skynard? Decisions, decisions.

Had a pretty eventful day and I wish to share it with you.

Rousted myself not too early, devoured the two newspapers, checked email and wrote a fine whine of a blog entry which was really meant as a back-handed compliment.

Fixed some issues with the Toshiba laptop that Alex will take to the U.

Microwaved some lil' smokies and thus sated, headed up to Dad an Mom's vacant abode (as they spend most of the year at the cabin up north) and worked on the ongoing detailing project on my dad's Benz.

Then to Brooklyn Center for the annual Merkur enthusiast car show (which I initiated 'round '94, thank you very much). It got out of my hands and is now the "Midwest Turbo Fords Gathering" but there were no domestics like T-Birds and Stangs, just Merkur XR4ti in various stages of outrageousness.

Once the dogs and burgers were gone and the guys started fabricating parts and hooking up laptops to their engines for fine tuning, I was gone.

Took in a few rounds of Buzztime (trivia) at my favorite haunt and had their kiddie cheeseburger platter. ot much competition.

Back to detailing whilst listening to the NARN broadcast from the Fair.

Headed back to the barn to check mail and track family members and let dogs out.

Good news in the mail. My latest Chemical Dependency report card was pretty good, so maybe I might get back in the good graces of the liver transplant guys. This observation by Len, who is an old hand going back to the St. Mary's program days and has been doing chem deps for years and is not easily fooled if at all, made my day:

"At the time of the evaluation, he was oriented times three. His thought patterns were logical and his psychomotor activities were normal."


Being "high on life" can be misconstrued by the layman. I really am an improved specimen since the darker days as archived on this blog.

Also got an estimate from the insurance adjuster which will take care of Laura's fender bender and then some.

Headed out to get some cash at Affinity and what should follow me into the lot was a really vintage Porsche from the '50s. It was basically a souped up VW at the time, but gosh she were pretty.

Since I had left my wallet at home, I had a chance to come back for the cash and get some pictures of this rare and beautiful thing.

Flush with cash, I headed to the Rosetown Legion Hall for the big Luau. Not much happening, but the band who were warming up sounded promising for a return trip once things started rocking-- which given the average age of the members is closer to "chair" than music.

Back off up to the Northern Suburbs for a bit more detailing and a visit to Jimmy's for a triple feature of Buzztime, NASCAR and Twinkies. I put up a couple of nice scores considering the multitasking I was performing. My NASCAR guy, Carl Edwards (his crew chief is a Kuettel, thus my loyalty to number 22 or 99, depending on the race.

Edwards finished 7th, and I think that helped his chances to make the NASCAR equivalent of the World Series. Heck with that...


Cheez Whiz those fellers are finding every which way to win -- and I thought LAST night's game, ending with a fan interference on a foul ball was too good to be true.

Tonight our vaunted bullpen tried to throw the game away but the baseball gods once again blessed our Twins in an 11 inning thrilla.

Happily back to the Legion where things really HAD picked up. The band was pretty darned good and there were more people there than I had ever seen in the place short of a hall rental wedding reception.

Hung out with Cowboy, Bobby, The Commander and their assorted hangers-on and got "Lei-ed" a few times by some comely young ladies.

Home at last. Catie and Drew are already in the barn and Alex is enjoying has last few days of teenage life as he prepares to move into a crowded, stinky dorm at the U.

I typed up the Sunday chore list, including Mass and breakfast and homemade beer cheese soup from a recipe I got from Frank the Chef .

Trust me, this soup is more than beer and cheese. If I can even somewhat approach the nirvana of Frank's $5.25 bowl of this remarkably complex and difficult to make concoction, I will attain a higher plane of happiness... and I am a a pretty nice plane as it is.

OK, Blur Live at Leeds it is.



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