Sunday, August 27, 2006

Hippies Meditating in Middle of Labyrinth in NW WI Woods

Hi All!

It was Blur. Upset my youngest who was trying to get to sleep after a hard day at the Fair.

How can a teen not be able to fall asleep after a hard hot day at the Fair?

Ah well.

Off to bed, but first, a picture I took this summer in a secret place in a clearing in the NW Wisconsin woods, where one can stumble across a stone labyrinth and catch a couple of meditators if one is lucky.

I tried to negotiate the damned maze myself, but ended up just walking over the stones to the magic rock. Suppose I'll go to Hell for that...

PS. Just a reminder. If you click on the pics you get a better look, usually.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paul, you posted a really interesting picture of all those rocks. You said it is a secret place. I wondered if it is near Lake Superior. Otherwise, where did all those rocks (boulders?) come from. Please reply me me privately at:

Thank you very much!


2:56 PM  

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