Sunday, August 20, 2006

MS - An Irradicable Disease

Hi All!

MS. MicroSoft, aka "MacroSuck." Close behind my family on my list of people who drive me to distraction are the ugly trolls of Microsoft.

I try not to think about the hundreds of hours I have wasted over the years trying to make Bill Gate's crappy software to behave.

Lately I have become hopeful. I even pledged my allegiance by purchasing a $49 one-year membership in the new "Windows Live OneCare" which seemed to be keeping my system up to date and relatively virus-free, although there are some that simply can't be killed.

Today I can honestly say that the worst virus I've ever caught has possessed my PC. It's commonly known as the "XP" virus and it is quite malicious.

After months of relative system stability I dutifully ran OneCare on Saturday and got a big update from the malevolent folks at Microsoft.

When I rebooted, a large, "friendly" icon appeared informing me that I am running a "counterfeit" copy of XP.

Since it has been on the computer for a few years and kept current, my installed copy of XP has never been tagged as counterfeit.

Came with the computer, which was bought used, so perhaps my XP really isn't kosher but why did it run and accept updates and allow me to sign up for OneCare?

Went to Microsoft for help. Once I navigated all the "help" options I settled on "free" email support. My XP is running half-decently with only a few weird glitches so there was no real urgency for paid support.

Needed to provide my product ID which I obtained from the System/General tab on the Control Panel.

MS responds that since I have a counterfeit product, I could pay $35 to ask what is going on with my XP. Or I can get "legal" for $79 which sounds like a bargain compared to the iffyness of getting a straight $35 answer which would probably ask me for another $35 to get closer to a solution.

So I am over a barrel.

I'll be damned if I'm gonna throw $79 to these greedy bastards. So I will stubbornly build on the two or three hours invested yesterday, googling the web for "real" help.

And to think that Multiple Sclerosis was once the most feared "MS"!



Blogger ToeKnee said...

I hear you-- Microsoft has outlived its value to society.

Found a funny (sorta) blog entry yesterday you might appreciate:

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