Friday, August 18, 2006

Scandal Upon Scandal in the DFL

Hi All!

Not too long ago, it seemed as though the DFL was poised to retake Minnesota.

Then came the Entenza scandals.

Now come more Keith Ellison scandals.

Keith is a person who has played fast and loose with the rules, perhaps, just perhaps, because promising young black men are given exceptional chances to succeed in a guilt-ridden white society that wants so very badly to bring black americans into the mainstream. Perhaps, just perhaps, that makes a promising young black man think he can skirt whitey's silly strictures.

Ah, we wascally wepublicans are laying low, hoping against hope that the incredible arm-twisting Ellison is enduring to convince him to withdraw will continue to bring out his hubris. If he runs and he wins, the libs still get to keep their fiefdom in the fifth, but certain of us are eager to watch the DFL further destroy itself from within.

Don't get me started on Hatch. It's "Our Choirboy Timmy' against "Snidely Whiplash."

Hatch has more baggage than the cargo hold of a 747 and if only a few suitcases fall out he will join his partners Matt and Keith on the garbage pile of Minnesota political history.

Entenza, strike one. Ellison, strike two. Hatch behind 0-2 in the count.

Once Fair is over, things should get really fun.


PS. Yes, our hometown of Falcon Heights hosts the Fair and no, you cannot park in front of my spacious rambler.


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