Saturday, August 26, 2006

Wog the BlogFlower

Hi All!

I am pretty fearless about plunging into strange crowds. No agoraphobia for me! Dark music clubs, biker bars, wedding receptions, private parties, AA meetings and courtrooms hold no fear or trepidation for me.

Last night, however, I felt conflicted about going in, but screwed up my courage and entered Keegan's Irish Pub to observe and perhaps participate in a big-time charity trivia tournament.

The room was thick with the crème' de la crop of bigshot bloggers who had amassed to play and to rub elbows with national talk show star Hugh Hewitt.

My initial thrust into the huddled mass brought a couple of encouraging “Hi Wog”s and I was in a lucky spot to encounter Hewitt when he entered the building. Got introduced to him by Mitch (Shot In The Dark) Berg and tried to grab a photo op but my crappy-futzy cell-phone camera failed to capture the moment.

Was available with $25 entry fee in my pocket, in case some team needed a fourth, but all the pre-registrants apparently showed up.

I found a barstool at the waitress station which was in a very good viewing location. When a waitress gave me a disdainful look whilst reaching around me to pick up an order, I assumed I shouldn't be sitting there. Of course, as soon as I got up some chick dove for the seat and set up camp.

I wandered around forlornly, checking out some SRO spots, but as the competition began the intimidating intellectual atmosphere forced me out the door, gasping for air.

When 40 hits to this site is a big day, it is humbling to be in the august presence of a few dozen uber-bloggers with daily counts in the thousands, tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousand of rapt readers.

Felt pretty small, but I shall keep trying to be the little train that could.

Maybe I ought to shift back to a more political thrust. Nah. I'll just keep throwing letting whatever excrement flies of the top of my head and some day something might actually stick to the wall.


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