Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Biggest Election Surprise?

Hi All!

I have to put question marks on these last two posts because maybe Ellison isn't just a Libertarian, just a bad citizen, and maybe this next bit of news should not be a surprise.

The GOP endorsed candidate for Attorney General managed to hold off a certifiable crazy lady who runs for everything and actual won something a few years back.

Jeff Johnson managed to scrounge up 79,081 votes to Sharon Anderson's 59,120. A convincing 57% to 43% win.

Johnson, with the full backing organizationally and financially as a serious candidate for an important statewide office had a serious challenge from a strange person who did not do much more than file.

I don't want to "get it" but I do. Same goes for the Ellison win.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about crazy. It seems you post and post and nobody hardly ever leaves a comment. Who are you writing to yourself?

Personally know Sharon. I should direct her to this blog maybe you will get one of her famous law suits.

10:04 AM  

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