Friday, September 15, 2006

A Couple of Quick Jaeger Schotz

Hi All!

What a day, what a day. What a day.


Well, it's a perfect Autumn evening and the Roseville Raiders are playing the Cretin Raiders at good old O'Shaunessy Stadium and I'm loading up the station wagon with 6 cute girls and a case of Buckhorn. Huh? Oh, sorry. Flashback.

Truth is that I am going to be Mr. Transportation and if the admission isn't too outrageous I might actually take in the epic tilt, else find a nearby Buzztime venue and sip on a cranberry juice, generously iced, until it's time to pick up my charges for the return trip.

My neato handicaped placard will come in handy tonight, let me tell ya. This game is gonna be huge. I get to feel like some sort of big shot as I barge into the best spot in the lot.


Our family's benevolent insurer has a program called "Blueprint for Health." and we are continually pestered by their telemarketers. My stock, tongue firmly in cheak excuse is along the lines of where were they 30 years ago when there was faint hope?

Catch me on the right day at the right time and open the box of chocolates. When this afternoon's nice lady telemarketer asked for Laura I told her that I killed her and buried her in the back yard and slammed the receiver down. She didn't call back. Should I be watching for a man in blue at the door tonight?

What a day. Oh Lord, what a day.



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