Sunday, September 03, 2006

Fear of Downloading

Hi All!

Heard a nifty tune on The Current tonight and got it in my mind to fetch a copy off the internet.

What an adventure! Oh, it's easy if you want to pay, but I didn't want it THAT badly.

As is my wont, I became obsessed with getting that stupid song download for free. My Googling took me all over the globe. Many links were gone or the mp3 file was deleted, so obviously someone representing the artist is keeping up with the pirates.

The disturbing aspects of this sailing of uncharted web waters are the strange pop-ups that get past the pop-up blocker and the re-directs to multiple naughty sites.

I finally stumbled upon a Russian download site that costs but is way cheaper than the domestic suppliers like iTunes. Provided all the credit card and personal info, of course. My take on that is if someone wants to steal your identity there ain't much you can do about it. If elected, I would have kept my number listed in the phonebook, as the fruitcakes will find you anyway so let's just let it all hang out.

Did I say cheaper? For a couple of hundred rubles that converted to one US Dollar I got two full albums. Downloaded them right to my afore-written-about Sansa rather than put them on the hard drive of the PS. If there is mischief in those files I can just reformat the Sansa and my PC will be safe.

Still, I worry about all the surfing I did. I might have more viruses than a Bankok child prostitute. Not to worry, I have Microsoft virus detection/protection.

Shit. Now I AM worried. The worst virus ever written is Windows XP.



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