Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hatch Photo Found!

Hi All!

A loyal reader (all 5 of you) will be familiar with my travails concerning Microsoft, Politics and Life in General.

I tried like the dickens to get a copy of the photo of Hatch frenching the dog that appeared in my print version of the Stribunal.

Googled it to death after hitting a dead end at the Stib website. I am convinced I have missed the forest for the trees and would welcome being set straight on how to do it.

No luck until I googled "Hatch Ad" which took me to the campaign website and bingo!


I wonder if that is his mutt. I love my Stan and Ollie to death and they can lick me from head to toe, but the lips are off-limits. "Not the FACE! Not the FACE!"

Other family members are more receptive, but it's just a "thing" with me. As an urchin I feared "girl germs" and "dog germs" in equal measure.

I shall caption this still from the ad as "The Bacon Breath Moment." One of these days my brilliance will catch on....


PS. On further review, it seems that Rover might not be too receptive to Hatch's advance. Cripes, what a phony.


Blogger Beaner said...

Seems as if that Golden learned the difference between "good touch" and "bad touch" at obedience school. Maybe Officer Friendly came to the school to teach the dogs not to fall for the old.."Can you help me find my politician?"

5:02 PM  

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