Friday, September 15, 2006

Plagiarizing Myself

Hi All!

This is pretty lazy, as it was written for another the Roseville E-Democracy forum, but it ain't a bad story. There has been a dust-up over the recent levy wool pulled over we taxpayers' eyes and I have stuck my fat dumb ass into it, so this is my peace offering:

To correct a bad typo in a previous post on the levy topic, my kids went through Falcon Heights Elementary and RAMS K-8, not 5-8. Geez.

Anyhow, there is nothing to help one take a vacation from thinking about things too much than a good old fashioned Friday Night HS Football Game.

I crammed a giggling gaggle of 8 assorted RAHS and CDH frosh into the Trooper and bussed them to the Big Game at good old O'Shaunessy Stadium. It makes me a bit wistful to see how CST, as we called it in my day, has been transformed. Same goes for Cretin. Hardly recognize the places anymore, but the old familiar buildings are still buried in there somewhere.

I guess the biggest change that I regret is "letting the girls in."

At Cretin, we had plenty of Derham Dollies sharing classes and lunch on the commons. At CST we had the Caties. Going co-ed robbed these places of their very soul. OK, there, I've gotten it off my chest for the billionth time.

Anyway, It wasn't much of an even game, but the RAHS players and fans deported themselves with class -- well, there was a late unsportsmanlike conduct call but boys will be boys.

I dropped the girls off and visited a friend until halftime, when I was able to drive around the parking lot barricade and put the Trooper right next to the main gate and saunter in free of charge.

What a beautiful night. What a blast. What memories of the days when my friends played football there in the '70s.

The main stands (now the ONLY stands, as the far side bleachers are gone) used to be the place our family needed to go if the Ruskies dropped the Big One. Even in my college days, the casks of "POTABLE WATER" and boxes of "FREEZE DRIED" powders were still stashed under the stands.

But I digress.

The point of this is that if we are participating in this discussion forum we all share the same hopes. We will differ on how to achieve them, but let us never forget that we are all on the same page as good citizens who care about the future of our community.

Peace, and



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