Thursday, September 21, 2006

Twins and trivia

Hi All!

Despite the fact that my Buzztime venue has about 40 tv monitors I didn't DARE change any of them to the trivia channel. Not even my favorite little monitor in a far corner where nobody needs to watch it since there is a nice plasma right next to it.

So I got a game board, signed in and kept pressing answer 3. Scored a few points, even though I didn't have any idea what I was answering.

However, the Twins v. the Bosox was worth missing Buzztime. There was a drawing every time the Twins scored, and through 7 innings, they had a grand total of 1, to Boston's 2. Then Torii Hunter hit a three-run homer out of the ballpark, and I won 3 tickets to a Twins game next week!

I haven't seen a Twins game at the Metrodome since "Game Six" when Kirby Puckett stole the show and stole the series from Atlanta. I figuratively died and went to heaven that special night and I know that I will never have a similar experience at a Twins game, even if they go all the way this year.

So I am giving the tickets to my kids.


PS. After the game a few heavy trivial hitters showed up and we combined to put our venue in the top ten out of a few thousand venues for three games in a row until the clock struck 11 and we had to reluctantly head for home.


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