Sunday, September 24, 2006

Where's Obi?

Hi All!

I had the pleasure of meeting our GOP 4th District candidate, Obi Sium, on a few occasions at Keegans Trivia Night

I once mentioned to him that he was preaching to the converted, few of which actually live in CD4 but he apparently over-estimated the influence of the few of we minor league bloggers.

He also once mentioned that he was retiring but too busy to do much door knocking, preferring to harass people at freeway entrances like some "will work for food" bum.

Obi got some priceless ink during the primary in which he was challenged by a nutcase with a nice, anglo name.

Since the primary, Obi seems invisible. Last week I went to his website and ordered a lawnsign. 6 days later, no sign. I even offered to pick one up and install it myself.

Tonight, his campaign website seems to be down.

This is NOT the way to run even a Quixotic campaign.

I love the guy. Conservatives, rare as we are in CD4 need to know about him.

And how could a good Democrat, embracing diversity and with the chance of setting Congressional precedent by voting for an Eritrean immigrant made good possibly support Betsey (under God) McCollum, who is about as St Paul and White Bread as they come?

Oh Yeah, they are all working for Ellison. The CORRECT type of Rye Bread.

I don't mean to get on Obi. Several of us ought to help him out. Best I can do is show a sign, drop lit in my neighborhood and try to energize the pathetic GOP SD66 BPOU (Did I say "pathetic"? Mere words cannot describe how punchless this little clique is.

However, Obi, if you should read this, accept help that is offered. I'll pick up a sign for myself and a dozen more and I'll get them planted. Just the small, easy to install ones, thank you.



Blogger Beaner said...

What? You don't want Jack Shepard? Granted the guy can't come into the MN without facing arson charges, but let's face it he's hot. I'm on the same page, brother. I blogged about Obi awhile ago and I agree...where's Obi? Well, let Betty blow sunshine up everyone's asses and see where that will get us. UGH!!! Still reading...cheers to you!

8:10 PM  

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